• For the dedicated musician, there's nothing more exciting than releasing the first album. Of course, there are many things you need to keep up: purchasing blank CDs, jewel cases, and installing DVD duplication machines and software. When each of the heavy effort is accomplished, now comes the enjoyment part: designing your more info!

    The album cover, or insert, is an essential part of an CD media. Basically, it's your main selling feature; the coverage will catch the attention of your buyers, and will even influence whether or not they buy your CD or not. With no good-looking album cover, all your hardwork might come to waste. Album covers may also be your claim they can fame. Remember the Beatles' popular Abbey Road cover? It's one of the most imitated album covers ever sold.
    You may use anything you like to your cover, in case this is your first album, it's actually a safe and wise choice to be happy with a picture individuals or/and your band. It immediately allows fans to see and get to know you. Many artists did this,, whether old-fashioned, like Elvis and Bob Dylan, or new talents, such as Taylor Swift, Eminem and woman Gaga. In addition to allowing fans to understand what you gaze like, it's also possible to demonstrate to them your persona through this self-portrait. Transform an empty CD plus a plain jewel case into something shows off your personality.
    One such selection for the self-portrait cover could be the full body shot. If you'd like this, then you will want to organise further. What you will really wear? How will you pose? Just be sure your theme matches the album title or even the songs which are inside it. Take for example Madonna's Like A Virgin album, where she wears a wedding dress. Nudity is very little bad idea, but it can be controversial. Get ready for negative comments from conservative folks.
    Planning is essential with regards to creating a good album cover. Please take a few test shots, or talk it over using your band mates. Use an evaluation copy together with your CD label maker to see the way it will appear about the CD jewel case. Show it on your friends and ask them the things they think of it. Likely be operational to ideas and suggestions.

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